Aluminum aprons

Anodized aluminium aprons

Scuder manufactures anodized aluminium aprons to protect machinery. According to provided measures or drawing.


High quality hardened anodized aluminium. Slat width 20 mm. and 5.5 mm. thick

Polyurethane links with special treatment against oils and coolants

Metal connecting screws and hinges. Screwed or countersunk screwed


  • Square Type “E” 30×20

  • Plans Type “P” 25 mm. wide 5.5 mm. thick

  • Drilled according to the drawing

We supply any independent apron component: polyurethane lip, screws, etc.

Detalle de persianasDetail of aprons


Riveted hollow aluminum apron with special polyurethane links. Not detachable.

PHR+ model aprons


Riveted hollow aluminum apron with special polyurethane links designed for winders. Not detachable. 30% lighter than the PHR + model but with a great resistance.

PHR-ENR model aprons


Riveted hollow aluminum apron plus (watertight). With a at and rigid face that prevents the entry of oils and shavings, with special polyurethane links. Rotation in a single direction.

PHR+WATERTIGHT model aprons


Aluminium aprons manufactured with anodized aluminium slats with great resistance intercalated with polycarbonate transparent slangs to permit the worker the vision to the interior of the machine.

We offer the manufacturing according to drawing. Available in PHR+, PHR-ENR and PHR+WATERTIGHT models.

PHR model aprons with window
PHR model aprons with window

Optional sliding cap in PHR-ENR y PHR+WATERTIGHT models.


Screwed hollow aluminium apron, with special polyurethane links and special screws. Easy to detach and repair.

PHA model aprons


Screwed hollow aluminum apron with polyurethane links and special screws, designed for winders. A 30% lighter than the PHA model but with a great resistance.

PHA-ENR model aprons


Milled hollow aluminium apron, with countersunk screws and special polyurethane links. Easy to detach and repair.

PHE model aprons



Apron composed of anodized aluminum bonded together with a special polyurethane with high resistance to oils and coolants. In the bottom has embedded a piece of Biplast-V®, which (for its properties) allows the transverse sliding of the apron along the guide, without altering it‘s state . The top of the apron is reinforced with hinges and connection screws to give greater rigidity to the apron.

Suitable for working in high-speed transverse position (tool changers and other applica- tion requiring minimal friction).

BA y BA-ESTANCA model aprons

BA model aprons in detail*Detail of embeded piece of Biplast-V for a better transverse sliding.


This apron is the best for covering pits. The apron is manufactured with high quality hardened aluminium slats (0,25 microns), resistant to corrosion and temperatures up to 300º. Mounted with rivets in the sides. The slats are easy to change without necessity of disassembling the complete apron. It ́s resistant to different weights depending on the length (A) and the dimensions of the the slat (W-T).

OPTIONAL: Supply of support guides and motorization with or without housing depending on the maximum length, according to drawing.

CLA model aprons

CLA model aprons

* All dimensions in mm.

Persiana modelo CLA pisable-cubrefosos
Persiana modelo CLA pisable-cubrefosos


Technical data Scuder aprons
TYPE W T Rmin A500 L A1000 L A1500 L A2000 L A2500 L
CLA-14 25 14 40 <450kg <20 <130kg <40 <100kg <40 <40kg <50 <0kg <10
CLA-25 50 25 125 <1.7t <20 <1.5t <20 <1t <20 <480kg <50 <100kg <50
PHR+ 20 5,5 35 200kg   100kg              
PHR-ENR 20 5,5 35 150kg   70kg              
PHR+ESTANCA 20 5,5 35 175kg   80kg              

*Dimensions in mm.

Kg 25,0 40,0 9,6 6,2 8,0


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