Cylindrical way wipers for lathes and machines

Way wipers for cylinders and axles

Series: ABLC-A

Cylindrical way wipers are used to clean dirtiness, foreign particles, shavings, moisture, etc., from counterpoints on lathes and hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. They prevent contamination of the hydraulic fluid, which would damage other components.

Scuder Way Wipers manufactures two models:

Special for protecting lathe counterpoints.

Composition: steel sheath and polyurethane lip.

Polyurethane lip properties

Excellent resistance to abrasion, acids, oils, and coolants

High resistance to hydrolysis and microorganisms

Continuous thermal resistance of 100º C

Maximum resistance of 135º C

Recommended to manufacture small batches, manufactured for different diameters to blueprint.

See AB series for linear way wipers »

The elastomer may be composed of an NBR lip (LC-AN) or FPM lip (LC-AF) with 83 hardness. The standard colour is black. Self-lubrication.

For high-speed machines, it is recommended that the elastomer be FPM lip.

The LC-A cylindrical way wiper series is mould-manufactured, with high resistance to abrasion and a long life cycle.

We have a wide variety of cylindrical way wipers in standard series and for special customised measurements. Moulds can be manufactured for large batches.

d D t Material
LC-AN From 80 to 110 every 5 mm From 90 to 120 every 5 mm 10 mm    NBR
LC-AF From 80 to 110 every 5 mm From 90 to 120 every 5 mm 10 mm   FPM
LC-A series cylindrical way wipers for machinery
LC-A series cylindrical way wipers for machines




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