Band reels with and without box

Prevent the entry of shavings and dirt in the machine

Roll-up band reels or curtains are very important components for machines, since they protect from shavings, dust, coolants, oils, etc.

Band reels are manufactured to protect a machine‘s different components, such as: guides, spindles, wires, etc.

They prevent long and costly machine breakdowns and stoppages.

Scuder Way Wiper‘s roll-up curtains are manufactured with or without box, according to blueprint, form, or sample.

Band reels to protect the operators from spindles on conventional lathesBand reels to protect the operators from spindles on conventional lathes.

Roll-up band reel with box for machines
  • Reel drum with springs for opening and closing, with or without box.
  • Band or curtain adapted to each application, manufactured with different materials, such as: Stainless steel strap, Aluminium blind, Kevlar, Nylon, PVC, Aramid, etc.
  • Scraper or brush to clean the band or curtain in the input area of the band at the box, to prevent the entry of shavings and fluids inside the box.
Band reel for machines with box
Opened band reel for machines with box

Example of band reel with and without box
* Example of band reels with and without box.

Repairing band reels

We repair roll-up curtains, replacing the band, springs, axles, box, or any worn-out component, and paint them with the RAL requested by the client.

Repairing stainless steel band reelRepairing stainless steel band reel

Repairing Breda fabric band reelRepairing Breda fabric band reel.


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If you are interested in any of Scuder’s band reels, please download the form for the reel without box or reel with box and types of anchor and send us your measurements.

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