The best solution for global machinery protection

A team of professionals with over 25 years of experience in the machine-tooling sector.
We offer a global protection service for machinery, in addition to customized technical consulting.
We bank on innovation and developing new products, in addition to offering the best quality and the best service to our clients with very tight deadlines.

Scuder Products

Global protection for your machines
Limpia guías

Way wipers

Linear and vulcanized guides as well as guides for telescopic protections. Own manufacture. We repair the entire series of AB way wipers, replacing the polyurethane lips and the damaged areas of the parts.



A slideway for the modern construction of machine tools and other machinery.

Distribuidor I-PLASTIC Scuder is the exclusive distributor

for Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

Aluminium blinds

Aluminium aprons

Scuder manufactures anodized aluminium blinds to protect machinery. According to provided measures or drawing. Wide variety of models to be manufactured for different applications.

Niveladores Spinelli

SPINELLI levelers

Essential anchoring and leveling elements to avoid maladjustments and inaccuracies of the machine.

Distributor SPINELLI Scuder is the exclusive distributor

for Spain and Portugal.

Why choose Scuder?

Scuder is protection

Scuder Way Wipers PROTECTION


Scuder Way Wipers offers you a complete line of products for the global protection of your machinery. Recent studies have proven that several breakdowns and stoppages in machinery are due to the poor state of their protective elements. Good design and proper maintenance of these protective elements prevents serious breakdowns in guides, spindles, wiring, and other components sensitive to shavings and dirtiness, as well as a high cost in repairs and long stops for machines.

Scuder is professionalism



Over 25 years of experience back Scuder Way Wipers up as a leading company in the sector. We are specialised in manufacturing and repairing protection systems for machine tools. Aware of today’s needs at companies in the machine tool sector, we offer personalised technical consulting.

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Scuder is quality

Scuder Way Wipers QUALITY


At Scuder Way wipers, we bank on innovation and developing new products. We also offer the best quality and the best service to support companies in the machine tool sector, with specialised technical consulting. We have large facilities which, along with our technical knowledge and resources, enable us to meet the market’s current demands and offer a product of excellent quality, tailored to meet each client’s needs.

Scuder is punctuality

Scuder Way Wipers PUNCTUALITY


At Scuder Way Wipers, we commit to providing the best service under tight deadlines, thus responding to the new company model, which tends not to have large amounts of stock in their warehouses.