Monitoring systems

for mechanized operations

Area 7 - Soluciones en seguridadScuder, co-working with Area7, the leading company in security problems and surveillance, has developed a monitoring system for machine tools. With this new method, It´s really easy to control the mechanization processes by installing high definition cameras inside the machines, allowing you to watch what´s happening, from a control point or using your mobile phone or tablet wherever you want.

This new system works with a online video recording station in high quality (NVR) that allows you to see every moment live videos and videos recorded in the last days from a maximum of 64 cameras to check them later. The cameras are resistant to splashes of drills, can be controlled with the zoom and have infrared vision to be possible to see in very bad conditions too.

The main characteristics of the monitoring system are:
  • The software and the wide range of high quality cameras permit you to get a very good vision, also when there´s darkness or bad conditions.

  • The person who is revising has a wide range of options when he is checking the videos, to realize easily where is the problem.

  • It has an APP to control the machines on live videos, recording all the videos on online IP´s.

  • An enormous resistance in bad conditions.

Sistemas monitorización operaciones de mecanizado - Videocámaras