Monitoring systems

Viewing systems for machines in machining operations

Area 7 - Soluciones en seguridadAt Scuder Way Wipers, in collaboration with Area7, a leading company in security solutions and surveillance equipment, we have developed a viewing system for machine tools, with a focus on controlling the machining process by placing high-definition cameras inside the machine. This provides a view on a screen at a control point, either on the machine itself or in the technical office, or with a tablet or mobile phone from any location.

The system works with a high-definition network video recorder (NVR) station to view live footage data and recorded footage data from up to 64 cameras for later analysis. In addition to being resistant to splashes from coolant, the cameras have a remote control system with zoom and infrared LED included to view under adverse lighting conditions.

Main features of the viewing and recording equipment for machines:
  • Both the software and the wide range of cameras provide high-quality footage in settings with little light, with maximum live and recorded coverage

  • They provide complete control over playing videos, providing for fast testing.

  • APP provides superior preventive protection and wireless IP network supervision of videos both live and recorded, all through the comfort of your mobile device.

  • Broad resistance to adverse environmental conditions.

Viewing systems for machines in machining operations

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