Kleber IP-25/12 adhesive

Adhesive for pasting Biplast-V®

The Kleber adhesive with two components (adhesive «A» and hardener «B») consists of an elastic epoxy resin base with excellent mechanical and thermal properties. The Kleber adhesive is highly resistant to synthetic oils, coolants, and constant temperatures of up to 100ºC.

The Kleber IP-25 adhesive is manufactured for pasting Biplast-V® strips and hydrostatic sheets and can also be used to paste steel strips and for other applications. We supply a special de-greaser to clean the parts to be pasted.

Distribuidor I-PLASTIC


for Spain, Portugal, and Latin America

Both BIPLAST-V® and the KLEBER IP-25 A+B adhesive are products manufactured by the German company I-PLASTIC, a market leader.

Kleber IP-25 adhesive for Biplast-V | i-plastic


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