Kleber IP-25 adhesive

Adhesive for Biplast-V®

The bicomponent adhesive Kleber (adhesive “A” and hardener “B”), has a great resistance to synthetic lubricants and oils to continuous temperatures up to made of elastic epoxy resin base with excellent mechanical and thermal properties with a resistance up to 100ºC.

This adhesive is recommended for the caulking of the plates of Biplast-V and hydrostatic plates, also for the caulking of steel plates and other applications. We also offer a special degreaser for the cleaning of the parts to be caulked.


Distributor I-PLASTIC


for Spain, Portugal and Latin America

Tanto BIPLAST-V, como el adhesivo KLEBER IP-25 A+B son productos fabricados por la empresa alemana I-PLASTIC, líder del mercado.