Leveling and anchoring elements

for Machine Tool

The Machine Tool experiments different thrusts during the machining process. These thrusts tend to vary (temporarily or permanently) the alignment originally given to the guide surfaces, influencing the accuracy of the work. The machines must be placed on a foundation and connected so as to form a rigid block. Functions of SPINELLI levelers:

  • Convert the machine – foundation, in a single and leveling element
  • Damp vibrations, eliminating inaccuracies of the machine
  • Flatness correct settings
  • Keep in the future the initial operating conditions


for Spain and Portugal

The Italian company SPINELLI takes over 25 years providing solutions for the leveling Machine Tool, exporting its products worldwide. In addition to certification of its products, it has TUV certification according to UNE-EN ISO 9001.

In addition to the levelers manufacturing, SPINELLI has specialized in the installation in the assembly phase, conducting geological tests, static calculations and designs, waterproofing and painting, assembly and verification tests It is also possible to customize the levelers with the colors of your company as well as the length of anchor bolts.
Accessories SPINELLI
  • Antivibrations

  • Anchor bolts

  • Anchor extension

  • Centering compass

  • Cover boxes

  • Pushers

  • Spherical washer

  • Other accessories

Catalogue SPINELLI 2015

SPINELLI catalogue

Leveling and anchoring elements

SCUDER has become its exclusive distributor in Spain and Portugal of all its products and services.

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