Technical plastics

All kinds of special industrial plastics and for machinery

Materials: (POM)Acetal resin(PA)Polyamide(PET)Arnite(PE)Polyethylene(PC)Polycarbonate(PTFE)TeflonBAKELITE/CELERON

Technical plastics: Acetal resin, Polyamide, Arnite, Polyethylene, Polycarbonate, Teflon, Bakelite
Manufactured to blueprint for different applications.

(POM) Acetal resin

  • Properties: Excellent slide properties, resistance to abrasion, low friction coefficient and easy machining.
  • Applications: Slide guides to be screwed, machined parts, gearwheels, and slides for telescopic protections. For pasted guides, we recommend using Biplast V®
  • Supply: Plates, bars, machined parts according to blueprint.


(PA) Polyamide

  • Properties: Excellent sliding properties on POM and steel. High resistance to abrasion and impact. High degree of elasticity and high resistance to machine oils. Complex machining.
  • Applications: screws, friction bearings, gearwheels, etc.
  • Supply: Miscellaneousscrews, plates, bars, or parts according to blueprint.


(PET) Arnite

  • Properties: Low friction coefficient. Abrasion resistant. Good sliding behaviour and approved for the food industry according to European standards. Resistant to chemical attacks and good electrical insulator.
  • Applications: All kinds of parts for the food industry. Sliding parts, bearings, hinges, and pump components.
  • Supply: Bars, plates, parts to blueprint.


(PE) Polyethylene | PE 500 and PE 1000

  • Properties: Excellent mechanical properties. Self-lubricating. High resistance to impact. Great sliding properties. High resistance to chemical agents and corrosion. Minimum water absorption.
  • Applications: Slide guides for aluminium blinds for machinery, slides for telescopic defenses, and bellows. All kinds of slide guides and mechanisms.
  • Supply: Parts machined to blueprint, support plates, guides machined to blueprint, slides, customised strips, bars, etc.


(PC) Polycarbonate

  • Properties: Weather-resistant, minimum water absorption, and high resistance to impacts.
  • Applications: Protective screens, safety glass, covers, signage, etc.
  • Supply: Compact plate with different thicknesses to blueprint, or only cut. Temperature-bent pieces.


(PTFE) Teflon

  • Properties: Self-lubricating, anti-stick, low friction coefficient, excellent dielectric properties, and resistant to chemical products.
  • Applications: Chemical industry, valves, hydraulics, machine tool, etc.
  • Supply: Plates, bars, and machined parts according to blueprint.



Layered paper soaked in thermosetting phenol resins

  • Properties: High mechanical resistance to wear. Good dielectric and rust-resistant properties.
  • Applications: Bushings, gears, rollers, pinions, pulleys, die cutting, transformers, electrical panels, circuit boards, etc.
  • Supply: Plates according to measurements of different thicknesses and parts machined to blueprint.


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