Protection bellows

and band winders

Protection bellows and band winders to avoid the entry of shavings and dirt into the machinery.

Manufactured according to the drawing or sample.

Composition: Different types of materials, inner PVC frames, stainless steel strips and anchoring terminals according to the drawing for different types of applications.

*Ejemplo de diferentes formas de fabricación *Examples of di erent manufactured shapes.

*Ejemplo de fuelles con láminas de inoxidable recomendado para zonas de viruta caliente * Example of bellow with stainless steel strips recommended for areas with hot shavings.

*Ejemplo de fuelles de nitrilo, pvc, etc. *Example of nitrile , PVC, etc. bellow.

Enrolladores de banda
* Examples of roller covers, with or without housing, with stainless steel or other materials like polyurethane, PVC, nylon, etc.

Special for bellows and roller covers.

More information

If you are interested in any of the protective bellows or band reels of Scuder
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Bellows form    PVC bellows form

Winders form    Winder with box and mooring form