Walk-on pit covers

Walkable aluminium apron covers


This apron is the best for covering pits.
The apron is manufactured with high quality hardened aluminium slats (0,25 microns), resistant to corrosion and temperatures up to 300º. Mounted with rivets in the sides. The slats are easy to change without necessity of disassembling the complete apron. It ́s resistant to different weights depending on the length (A) and the dimensions of the the slat (W-T).

OPTIONAL: Supply of support guides and motorization with or without housing depending on the maximum length, according to drawing.

Persiana Modelo CLA

Persiana Modelo CLA extrusionada
W T Rmin A500 L A1000 L A1500 L A2000 L A2500 L
CLA-14 25 14 40 <450kg <20 <130kg <40 <100kg <40 <40kg <50 <0kg <10
CLA-25 50 25 125 <1.7t <20 <1.5t <20 <1t <20 <480kg <50 <100kg <50

* All dimensions in mm.

Persiana modelo CLA pisable-cubrefosos
Persiana modelo CLA pisable-cubrefosos