Legal Notice and Privacy Policy of Scuder Way Wipers, S.L. with registered address in Astigarraga, at Paseo Ubarburu Pab. 12 Polígono 27, to inform the users of the company’s website regarding the conditions of use of the website, as well as the personal data protection and privacy policies.

Owner of the website

According to the provisions of the Law 34/2002 of 11 July, on E-Commerce and Information Society Services, Scuder, as a provider of services for the information society which operates through this Web Page, makes the following general information available to any concerned person or entity.

• Name of the company: SCUDER WAY WIPERS, S.L.
• Registered Address: Paseo Ubarburu 78 Pab. 12 Polígono 27 Astigarraga, 20115 (Guipúzcoa)
• E-mail address:
• Phone: 943 444 427
• Fax: 943 443 487
• Registered in the Commerce Register of Guipúzcoa: volume 2592, folio 132, sheet number SS-35168.

Purpose of the website

The main purpose of the website is to inform about our products, services and news that we can offer to all our customers. The entry to the website is totally following the conditions of the users, agreeing to all of them and without reserve. For all those things, we recommend you to read and revise this legal notice every time you enter the website because it could be modified.

Scuder Way Wipers, S.L. reserves its rights of improving, modifying or deleting, without previous notice, the services or content of this internet page.

All the content of this webpage has been elaborated for offering commercial and corporative information to all our audience. Scuder Way Wipers, S.L. doesn´t take responsibility on the different damages the content could cause.

All the contents that are offered through this internet page (Texts, images, audio, video, different designs, software,…) are property of Scuder Way Wipers, S.L., or in the case of third persons. Information used will be authorized if our name and link are mentioned in the case.

Scuder Way Wipers S.L. is not going to be responsible of the damages caused by the use of the content to the users.

Personal data protection

Scuder Way Wipers, S.L. owner of the page is seriously committed to strict compliance with the data protection standards in different countries, taking account of recent regulatory changes in some of them. The use of personal data information is going to be legit and under the permission of the user.

All the information given by the users is going to be always introduced in an authorized database, property of Scuder Way Wipers, S.L. , equipped with the correct security according to all the information security laws. The database is fully identified and registered in the agency of personal data protection, ensuring all the time the information used is appropriate.
That personal information is going to be used computerized by the qualified personnel of Scuder Way Wipers, S.L. and the access to the information is going to be restricted.

The main goal is to ensure the security of the personal data, trying to avoid modifications, lost information or non authorized accesses.

The User undertakes to read this Privacy Policy in detail in order to understand the standards and practices adopted by Scuder to protect user personal details and to gain further information regarding our relations with third parties who could have access to such data.
Scuder Way Wipers, S.L. acquires the commitment in all the things there are on its hand, to take updated all the personal data information given by the users.

Whatever the case, only the User is the sole party responsible for any information provided by the User on the website. If the information is used for any purposes other than those noted above, Scuder undertakes, at all times, to provide notice of the new purposes and, if necessary, to request user approval.

Scuder Way Wipers, S.L. informs the users of the webpage that there is a possibility, if it is wanted, to access, modify or cancel all the personal data is on our hands. If the user is interested in one of the mentioned actions, a certified letter is the best option to the following address: Scuder Way Wipers, S.L. – Files Responsible – Paseo Ubarburu 78 Pab. 12 Polígono 27 Astigarraga 20115 (Guipuzcoa).Or sending an email to the following address: (Att: Files responsible)
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Those general conditions are under the laws of Spain. Spanish legislation will apply to resolve all controversies or queries regarding this website or the activities carried out therein.